O Rasool!
From you I learnt the meaning of love
Without you, I’d be worst-
Than the wildest beast

You taught me the worth of smile
Else my face would remain much pale

Even in the company of my beloved
Your loving praise is what I am involved (in)

Your love springs in my heart
With no respect to day or night
Every moment in time-
Is for me to mention your name


I am after all a son of Adam
Distraction runs in my vein!
This silly world keeps me busy
And I am carried away from your love

My heart begins to rust
Rather it degrades to be the worst

Jaihoon’s mouth waters-
When he sees your lovers,
Sending upon you greetings
While receiving Lord’s blessings.

O Beloved of the Almighty!
May my heart forever beat-
In your sweet thought

In your heavenly love may I dissolve?
So that I become a mystery this world can’t solve

The melody of my written word
The Sharpness of my speech
Nay, all the rest given by Lord-
These are yearning to serve you

This crazy poet lives on your bread
On the sands of Madina is his heart bred

sallallahu ala Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam

Written on Thursday afternoon. Sep 30 2004. Inspired before breaking the fast.

You taught me the worth of smile: “Smile is a charity”

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