It is a commonly accepted fact,
(That) there are limits for favors to ask

Relations with others are bound
By manners when arises certain want

One may request.
Then ask.
And again.

But for every favor to you given
Shall be given another in return…

O Listener of my woes!

O Fulfiller of my wants!

O who raised my name!

O who spread my fame!

O Solver of my hardships!

O Remover of harm!

O Originator of wonders!

You have indeed heard me
No complaint do I have against You

I have asked You for so many years
But Your Reply make them appear as days

I have learnt only for favors to ask
I am used for Your Reply to reach

I am more confident of Your Prompt Answer
Than my own questions which in me trigger

Without feeling any shame have I asked
I wished for rain, but not ready to be soaked

And yet again,
I dare to ask again.
For more gain-
Your Bountiful Rain!

I ask You,
O my Generous Master!
A shameless slave I am
But not a deceitful sham!

Grant me the generous favor
To thank for all that You did deliver

If You made me the envy of the humans
By giving me blessings in abundance
Then make me also the envy of angels
To pay You gratitude for these miracles!

Oct 22 2004 (Ramadan 8).


I wished for rain, but not ready to be soaked: One should be ready to get wet in order to enjoy the rain. Similarly one should thank the Lord in order to continue receiving the blessings.