(Jaihoon’s felicitation talk about education at WAFY commencement ceremony 2017, Grace Valley, Malappuram- Kerala. July 10 2017)

The ultimate aim of moral education shall be to create loyalty between its candidate and his Lord, community and humanity at large. Hence, perhaps the founders of your institution has named it so. Hence, you have to instill in your hearts to qualify for such a loyalty-based graduation to serve the community who have empowered you.

Abdul Hakim Faizi Adirassery, the chief mobilizing force behind WAFY education, told me in a conversation that he expects an ideal WAFY graduate to be perfect gentlemen with the highest morals in all fields.

The success of a campus lies not merely in its extravagant infrastructure or facilities alone. The significance of academic software is millionfold over the concrete and steel hardware. The architect who designed yours deserves special mention in this respect.

And let us hope sincerely your Wafiyya sisters will soon gain a wider acceptance and prominence in our male-dominated Islamic scholarship scene.

Jaihoon talk at WAFY commencement ceremonyJaihoon talk at WAFY commencement ceremonyJaihoon talk at WAFY commencement ceremony

posted July 17 2017