Jaihoon speaking at International Islamic University Malaysia

Based on Mujeeb Jaihoon’s comments at the SIGN Social Leadership Conclave, Intl’ Islamic University Malaysia, July 20 2017

Islam is a Faith based on the practice in one world and result in another. Only a clean body and conscious mind with modest God-awareness can yearn for a successful soul-life in the hereafter. Or so we hope. Bodily cleanliness is a prerequisite to attain holiness of the soul.

The prophetic tradition, which equates Cleanliness to one-half of Faith, is well known among the slump dwellers as well as penthouse tenants. The question, however, I would like to raise here in this august gathering is regarding the hygenity of the environment. Could a rose remain fragrant near a sewage? For, a believer carries within him a rose-bed of fragrance.

Unfortunately, it was extremely saddening to see lot many roses in near-sewage surroundings during my travels across Muslim localities across Asia. It was a terrible sight to witness many of the Muslim tombs, celebrated as the traditional spiritual HQs of those peoples, surrounded by horribly dirty and rock bottom hygiene standards. How could these centers, located in the most unclean ambience of color and smell, function as spiritual lighthouses for the Community? Sights and smells around tombs and mausoleums in South Asia and Arab countries such as Egypt are not very approachable, let alone spiritual.

Is it not time to rethink about our status on the gene of hygiene in the DNA of our Spirituality?

Posted Aug 09 2017