– Jaihoon

My soulful Tasbih once narrated
A dream that to me much mattered-

“Last night in a dream
A question from Him came

I was in the world hereafter
Away from the world of laughter

I was asked such a question
In this world never did I listen

‘I answered your every plea
From every evil I set you free

I caged compassion amid your ribs
My remembrance danced on your lips

Countless favors on you I bestowed
Although very little had you bowed

Tell me, O my slave
What for Me you have?

What gift to give for Your Creator
Didn’t I honor you than angels better?’

I answered without the doubt slightest
My heart with the reply did indeed attest

O Merciful Lord of the worlds!
Hear what my heart heralds-

‘I found nothing more precious than this gem
Who charmed me with the Sultan of Arab and Ajam

I bring You the lines of Jaihoon, that son of Hind-
Who made my heart with love of Your Beloved blind”

O Tasbih! I have read dear readers’ comments,
And my near relatives’ sentiments

My teachers praise,
Eloquent orators’ verse-

None embraced my message as you did,
None honored this restless sage as you did

I raise my hands towards Him in prayer
These tearful words let Him tonight hear

“Ah! You are a witness;
Over these words are You a witness!”

13 July 2005.


This poem describes the dream of a spiritual friend.

world of laughter : This earthly world which is nothing but “play”.

amid your ribs : The heart

Didn’t I honor you than angels better : Angels were made to prostrate before Adam, symbolizing the greatness of clay-made Man over other creations.

son of Hind : of Indian origin

Ajam : meaning non-Arab