The rationale of this piece is not to doubt the sincerity of the Industrial Revolution. The historic revolution has surely fulfilled the promise for both ascetic and the atheist. Humanity has benefited from it irrespective of race or religion.

However, either out of frustration or fascination, Jaihoon cannot help sharing this mundane thought!

Automobiles has shortened our distance and increased our time which is how we arrive at the mathematical phenomenon of Speed. Thus the speed of our life has escalated like never before in the history of mankind. Transatlantic journeys are just a matter of few hours.

We proudly claim that our life has become fast, but simultaneously admit in humility that much of it goes in waste. The reference is to precious time lost in traffic jams. Accidents, road repairs and diversions, political rallies, dysfunctional road monitoring systems or some VIP protocols… the reasons may vary from situations. What comes to our aid during such ‘garbage hours’ are the radio shows or the roadside billboards, either persuading or dissuading us from the realties of life.

But life is more than just Information-sharing. For a person who believes in the ultimate reward-punishment scheme of the Creator, every moment is dear to him. He is accountable for every hour of his life- be it office or home-related. Or on the way between both these worlds. Imagine the accumulated hours lost during his 60+ years lifetime considering an average of two hours per day wasted (and not used) in traffic jams! The car moves at the speed of a snail, but ruthlessly demanding the complete attention of his mind as if he is driving at 140+ km/hr.

Traffic rushes reduce the speed of our lives to nil or even minus value. Imagine covering I km in 45 minutes!

The question is: who is accountable for this ‘Speed-Waste’? Is it the common working class who become the victims of such jams? Is it the traffic authorities? Or those who are at a higher command of the nation?

If mankind was created for the worship of Almighty, as the Holy Book clearly states, then the hours lost in traffic jams will pose a serious problem for those responsible for it on the Day of Judgment where every minute of a man is taken to account. The ruler of a nation has a serious responsibility of providing rush-free transportation for his subjects and relieving them out of the strain and waste-hours from their lifespan. Good roads are as important as other landmarks, be it modern or historic.

Take it from me, there is nothing as dear to a modern working resident- be it a clerk or a CEO- than the kismet to ride back home smoothly and tension-free. And not to forget that housewives and kids shall pray to have their breadwinner back as early as possible.

Talking about the welfare of humanity, how to miss a mention of its Greatest Benefactor? We discussed in length about the human body and missed the Heart? The tale of garden is incomplete without reference to the Rose!

“Every part of a person’s body must perform a charity every day the sun comes up: … removing a harmful thing from the road is a charity”

“Faith has 70 parts. And the highest of it is the statement “There is no God but Allah”. The lowest of it is to remove some harmful thing from the street.”

True we don’t have any more of the stone-spread or thorn-filled pathways (at least in the developed nations). Instead we have well-tarred shiny roads. The only obstacle in the way is the rush which taxes one’s mind and time. Let those in authority remove that obstacle. And let the subjects cooperate in such efforts and improve their own driving habits.

Only then shall the fruits of Industrial Revolution become ripe!