O gem of this world!
O gem of all gems!

For days a line haven’t I written on you
True, my life was no life all these days

The glare and roar distracted me
Even my soul’s half was not around to comfort me

It is a great trial to be always in love
These times are filled with much hate

All I read is about blasts near Tigris
The Enemy fools us as he aggress

To tie his hands are no one
Bravery failed, deception won

Jaihoon doubts his own self
For whose sake shall he pray?
Whom to befriend or defend
Confused… no longer confident!

For now, I have a different plaint
I share it on behalf of who often lament

O Rasool!
You are our guide in every walk of life-
The glory in martyrdom and feeding one’s wife

Therefore the pains of earth
Is same as those after death-
For my worries to ease
And agony to cease…

I cry of injustice committed by some-
Among us:
Their concern is merely to sum-
Their riches.

Over the buildings are they made the lords
But they forget law of the Bounteous Lord

They hike the charge for no reason
Their excuse is no far from illusion

And thereby,
Even the able rich becomes hollow
And the poor their sufferings swallow

Families are torn apart
Unable to honor the rental chart

Lovers become separated
So that landlord’s greed is compensated

The little one cry to see his father
But these heartless lords never bother

So dear has become a hut to live with family
Is it the same earth which He gave man freely?

O father of Zahra Batool!
To serve one’s parents is a virtuous deed
(Such that) You once sent a son back
When to join you in battle was he prepared

Did you not to your companions say-
‘Those who break ties
Shall not in paradise stay’

Ar-Rahman did proclaim to ar-rahm
Whosoever respect you shall win my esteem

What then to talk about these greedy men
Who detach common man from his kin?

O the one who liberated Bilal from chains
Give a remedy against this cruel nuisance

Those who hold the reins of power
See glory in the buildings like- tower

They are blind to this pitiful state
Ah! This world is for them another estate!

The shepherds that once they were
Are competing to sow brick-trees higher
… and higher!

Ah! Pity! Their state is in a mess
Leaving the land, into seas build their house

They fail to learn lessons from disasters
And on the lives of poor their greed pesters

Are they aspiring to be like of Haman
To build towers lofty to reach Ar-Rahman?

Therefore the pains of earth
Is same as those after death-
For my worries to ease
And agony to ease…

I seek your reply to enamor my fight
And share the cure with those in plight

May these Qaruns from His punishment be saved
And be just to those who in their buildings reside

Nov 22, 2005