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Jaihoon’s selected tweets from 2018. Updated Dec. 31

In the changing world with disruptive technological advancements, it would be wiser to wish, and not plan, for a happy life

Wish is reality-beyond. Plan: reality-bound.

Life is wish-based. Career is plan-centric.

Wishing is inexpensive. Not so planning.

The biggest wonder of prayer is that they don’t cost a penny

Art cannot tolerate oppression

Liberate your Blessings from the prison of Ingratitude

Beautiful lives are well-begun. Successful ones but end love-spun.

House is made of Bricks. And HOME, with Books

‘Human BEING’ is more a verb than a Noun

Words are like photos. Both should be framed to match the background

The joy of begging HIM for a blessing is tons greater than receiving it from His creations.

Religion strives to save Humanity from hell— before and after death too.

Ignorance of the Other is at the heart of one’s allegiance to Extremism.

Let the extremists of one Faith show the guts to have an open discussion with the fanatics of another. If not in public, at least a confidential one, for fear of image damage. #extremist #fanatic

Transforming #Religion to an agreeable discourse between disagreeable humans would only help to clear the fog of ignorance and misunderstanding between believers of different Faiths.

The greatest awe-inspiring architectural monument, which generates the highest tourism dollars for India is neither a secular nor a political building, but one that is designed after an apparent religious symbol.

India is on the verge of a catastrophic implosion if the megawatts of Religiosity goes unpurged. #communalism

Xenophobia is a seditious sin in the spiritual republic of Islam

Illusion sells. Reality starves. Imagination sighs. Ah! What has become of the human mind?

The chaotic, yet dynamic, non-linearity of Quranic narrations would explain modern man’s absurdity to shape his life into a formulaic routine.

Globalisation. The antichrist of human diversity

Gardens constitute the estates of Paradise. Divine Reflections of its Inhabitants perfume its air

Invest in Parents. Elevate in Success.

It makes only heavenly and earthly sense to be good to parents considering its returns, alludes Mujeeb Jaihoon

One step for #Kerala is a giant leap for India

Despite widespread #Islamophobia gripping the paranoid media outlets, almost all of them glorify the ‘reproductive’ performance of the Muslim kind.

#Lynch pe milte hai. The new mantra of Indian right-wing extremists.

Hyphenated Identity only enriches the beauty of Human Project.

Context is the Heart of Conversation: Jaihoon. #Conversation

Monoculture is demonic and despotic. This venomous weed has to be uprooted from the Indian soil before it turns the Nation to a monstrous zombie land

India is the Garden of Pluralism. Not a Graveyard of Monoculture: Jaihoon

Prayer Rooms inside Malls are the FoodCourts for the Souls: MujeebJaihoon #shopping #dhikr #malls #prayer

Night-long Ramadan prayers: Devil cries. Congregational obligatory prayers on EID: Devil Weeps. #focus #SustainableDevotion

Sayyid Shihab Won Hearts Over Minds

Losing sight of the pin while in front of the Elephant- The bliss of Prophetic Sunna in #Ramadan.

Thanking for a Blessing is as important having it

Battle of Badr: Patience First. Self-Defence Next

First there was man. Then came temptation. Followed by repentance. And then man again…. #Ramadan #Repentance #Temptation.

Life without Love of Meem is nothing short of sin. #Sallallahualaihiwasallam #love

The real Rich are those who Reach out to the rejected. #Philanthropy #charity #generosity

Do Gadget-education make students moral-smart?

Ramadan re-humanizes our experiences

Ramadan brings out the warrior in you to defeat your worst enemies: greed, envy & pride.

Islam is actually way too beautiful than what its brand ambassadors portray it to be : Jaihoon

Pluralism. The beauty and charm of India. Strength too.

Ignoring a rule is far more sinful than breaking it. #Ruleoflaw #discipline #breakrules

Taunting trolls deserve neither comment nor commend. #trolls

True kings are ones who smash the idols of hesitation and procrastination only to finally humble that proud head on the ground during the midnight hours. #prayer

Destruction of the Ego in the Construction of Love. #Fanaa #Baqaa

Life, too, will not care to remember those who overlooked Death when alive

One bow for the head. A thousand miles for the soul. #prayer #worship #salah

Faith is quintessentially a work in progress phenomenon. And that’s the beauty of it: JAIHOON

Sufism. An active verb for the selfless mystic and passive noun for the sophisticated academicians. #Sufism #sufi

Baraka is what you get beyond your expectations. #JummahMubarak

The Parent is a student in the child’s school of Patiance. #Parenting #Patience #Parents #Schooling #Lullaby

The modern Muslim has to align his thoughts and actions in line with the ‘garden-some’ beauty of his Faith

Arabian purity, Persian intellectuality, Ottoman nobility, Indian plurality and Western objectivity – Islam has absorbed them all in handsome fashion.

The Faith is also popular for its diversity, be it historic or theological. Islamic world is least miserly in accommodating the psychological and geographical differences of its subscribers.

The faith of Islam is more or less fashioned after the concept of a garden. Its Prophet is blessed with inimitable beauty of appearance and character. His emulation and imitation generates the same in the adherents.

The final resting place of the Beloved of God is traditionally referred to as ‘Noble Garden’. >>

The Paradise is a ‘mega garden’ of unlimited bliss and bounties. >>

Arabian purity, Persian intellectuality, Ottoman nobility, Indian plurality and Western objectivity – Islam has absorbed them all in handsome fashion.

Islamophobia- Haters once, Lovers thence: Jaihoon

A devout believer radiates double the fragrance – one of his perfume and the other of his goodness. | #goodness #believer #fragrance

Spirituality smiles in the synonymity of the Material and Spiritual | #material #spiritual #synonymity

Spirituality is the synthesized Sports of Mind and Body as well. #Spirituality
#sports #bodymind

Passivity is the dreaded poison for Spirituality. #Passivity #passion #spirituality Read more

Our flesh and bones are only as holy as the mind itself. Else, the five times prayer could have been choreographed in still meditation mode. #prayer

Fragrance is symbolic of giving and generosity. A believer’s mission too is not different either. #Generosity #givingback #fragrance #believer

Islamophobia- Haters once, Lovers thence | JAIHOON.COM
Arabian purity, Persian intellectuality, Ottoman nobility, Indian plurality and Western objectivity – Islam has absorbed them all in handsome fashion. jaihoon.com

True Spirituality smiles in the synonymity of the Material and Spiritual, and not in their antonymity as generally (mis)understood: Jaihoon #Spirituality #Material # Spiritual #Truth

Wealth. Health. Leisure. When in hand, not a tweet. When out of it, ready to write a book: Jaihoon

Hope is the engine which empowers Life. Patience, it’s inevitable fuel. #Patience #Hope #Optimism

As the mouth, so the morsel: Jaihoon #Blessings

Earthlings warn, ‘Don’t laugh too much. You will have to cry’. Heavens sigh, ‘Don’t cry too much. You will laugh soon’ : Jaihoon. #hope #optimism #faith

Loss is ‘word not found’ in the dictionary of a Believer: Jaihoon. #Life #pain #optimism

#Identity ignites courage and #confidence. To extinguish it from campus is equivalent to treason and treachery: Jaihoon

Pluralism is, perhaps, the only creed applicable to human thought: Jaihoon

Idea triumphs Force. But Love conquers Idea: Jaihoon

Learners should be storehouses of #energy which will help to create #efficiency: Jaihoon

If it has to be #Education, it has got to be Nature-compliant: Jaihoon

It is not just for language, but our social interaction too which are determined by a #syntax: Jaihoon #etiquette

The poverty of modern students is the inability to relate their #textbook #theories to natural realities: Jaihoon

Imagine the fate of our #science textbooks, had the founding fathers not spent time with #Nature and simply sat in the closed laboratories?: Jaihoon

From where else would one find as much fodder for #imagination as from our dear mother #Nature? : Jaihoon

#Imagination and #Education are chicken and egg for one another. One inspires, invigorates and incubates the other: Jaihoon.

Education is intimately a Nature-affair

The two surrogate Ts, Textbooks & Technology, cannot replace the centrality of a student’s intimacy with Nature