One night while I sat for rest
And settled at heart was life’s dust

As I stretched my legs to relax
The soul asked me a question as a tax

“You have made me hear
The noise in the market

The glitter of gold and silver
The fabric of every luxury wear

I have learnt the joy of love
Diving deep into the beloved’s eye

With Arts and music I am familiar
Poetry and technology are to me clear

But everything fades in your world of clay
Show me something that would ever stay”

I wondered much to get a hint
With much shame my head was bent

And then I pointed at the green-domed fort
Wherein Lord’s Beloved made his resort

Look! This is the blessed city of lights
Where beggars have risen to kings’ heights

This noble city to me much endears
This is the spiritual capital of universe

The soul replied in accord
No other choice could it afford

‘Aye! This is the end of my search
Closer to me than your own reach

sallallahu alaihi wa sallam

January 29, 2005. Inspired before sleep


This is a conversation between the Soul and body of the poet. All through the day, the body is indulged in different pleasures. The soul remains a dumb spectator to all these. Its only comfort is in the remembrance of its Creator and the love of the Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam.

Life’s dust : the busy engagements of everyday life.

world of clay: Adam was created from clay

green-domed fort: the mosque of Prophet at madina where he is buried

Closer to me: the Holy Quran states that the Prophet is closer to the believer than own selves