Sharjah inspires Indian resident to pen historical fiction

The Emirate of Sharjah has widely been appreciated as a haven of learning and culture, attracting international recognition such as ‘Cultural Capital of Arab World’ and the much-coveted Unesco World Book Capital (2019). It is no wonder, then, if the charm of this cultural paradise inspired the literary flair of Mujeeb Jaihoon’s novel, The Cool Breeze From Hind.

“Sharjah figures predominantly in the setting of this historical fiction,” said the UAE-based Indian story teller who described his work as ‘a mystical discourse on Indian Indigeneity’. Adopting a mystic narrative reminiscent of medieval mysticism, the book also celebrates Sharjah’s magnificent cultural, educational and architectural legacy.

The book also pays glowing tributes to the cultural and educational revival by His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah; and often refers to him as ‘the cultural architect’. The author attributes the elegance of the enchanting architectural monuments in Sharjah to the nobility of the Ruler’s heart, whose recent visit to Kerala, the author’s home state in India, was widely applauded by all.

“Sharjah, the Bride of Arabia, never fail to catch the eye of the aesthetic minds,” added Jaihoon.

Jaihoon believes his place of stay and work, Sharjah, has played an important role in shaping and empowering his literary career.

“The magnificent monuments and poetic ambience of the emirate of Sharjah along with its Ruler’s love and support for the written word were the cool breeze that cherished my early writing years,” said Jaihoon. “Dr Sheikh Sultan is not only a magnanimous Ruler but a brilliant author as well. He has freely given his love of books for the people of his emirate.”

The Arab world has greatly influenced Indian culture and languages, especially in Kerala. Besides the large number of Arabic words used in Malayalam, the language spoken in Kerala, there are also religious and economical variables of Arab world which influence everyday life in Kerala. “One can find even fruit juices in Kerala named after the Emirate of Sharjah,” said Jaihoon.

Mujeeb Jaihoon, hailing from Kerala, has been living in Sharjah for the past three decades, where he completed his schooling from a private Indian school. It was during his college days that he adopted the pen name, Jaihoon, which referred to a river in Turkistan featured in the couplet of the renowned poet-philosopher, Dr Allama Mohammed Iqbal, known for his message of love and universalism.

Since his first poetic anthology publication in 2002, Jaihoon has brought out nine books so far, including poetic anthologies and travelogue.

His latest work, The Cool Breeze from Hind, will be released on Thursday 730pm at Writers Forum Hall.

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Posted Nov 06 2018