These days when I call upon You
I realize-
Moments I haven’t called You
Are but less!

When have I not called upon You?
Whether I was battered by hailstones-
Of trial
Whether I was showered by bliss-
Of Smile

Which among Your names did I miss-
Ya Qareeb! Ya Raqeeb!
Ya Musawwir! Ya Muqtadir!
Oh! So love-full, so powerful!

But not for once did You away turn
I cannot recall you ever being stern!

Ya Rabb!
Since in womb have I been depending on You
Without ‘calling’, I have been calling upon You!

You never felt irritated, though
Countless times the same I repeated

Even if I were placed in the hell
Sure I am to catch your Merciful smell

You have been
More perfect than my thoughts been

I asked you with count
You bestowed taking no account

I try to limit my persistent plea
But You say ‘Ask more from Me’

You gave me gifts
Without even desiring for it

I am tired of sinning day and night
You love to forgive sins small and great

Nothing escapes your grace, Ya Razzaq
With You is food for those inside the rock

Ya Rabb!
Since in womb have I been depending on You
Without ‘calling’, have I been calling upon You!

Mar 09 2006.


The entire creation is dependent on Almighty for their sustenance. Humanity, His favorite and most advanced form of life, rely on Him right from their womb-days. At that stage, when the embryo is not yet equipped to make any formal or emotional request to Him with some prescribe formulas, i.e. dua, Allah provides for his food, water, air for His little ‘Vicegerent’.

God wants us to Him more and more, for He loves and cares for us more than our own selves. We may count the number of times we have asked him (and complain of His lapse in reply), but He keeps no tally while giving.

The poet believes such love alone can become a remedy for his ills and make this life a blessed one.

Ya Qareeb! … Ya Muqtadir! Rabb… Razzaq : Among the 99 names of Allah