Jaihoon speaking at Imam Gazzali Academy, Wayanad, Kerala

Jaihoon speaking at Imam Gazzali Academy, Wayanad, Kerala

A visit to Imam Gazzali Academy – Koolivayal, Wayanad – Kerala | Aug 07 2018, By Mujeeb Jaihoon.

I had always experienced Wayanad as a holiday destination for leisure and relaxation. But that perception changed after my interaction with the students of Imam Gazzali Academy.

The Imam Gazzali Academy Students Association had invited me to deliver a talk on for their series, The Fanatic and Secular in Kerala’s Public Sphere (Shihab Thangal Memorial Lecture series).

From the outset, the Academy is no more than any other Muslim seminary in Kerala. Not very impressive infrastructure nor any posh landscaping around. But looks can be deceptive. Watch Video

The institution has successfully moulded some of the best visible talents across different spectrum. Writers, community activists, orators, change leaders and media persons including one in the BBC. Throughout the session, especially the Q & A part, I could feel the inquisitive and critical spirit of the students here, reminiscent of the Intellectual Maestro of Baghdad, upon whose name this Academy is christened.

Despite 2.5 hours, the energetic students showed no signs of disenchantment with the topic of the day. Questions and disagreements sprang like arrows at the speaker. The session could end only upon the intervention of the organizers.

Lengthy talks are generally exhausting for the body and mind. But IGA’s students make one feel otherwise. They kindle new ideas and inspire further creativity in the guest speakers. May Allah bless Imam Gazzali whose tireless passion for knowledge inspired thousands of individuals and institutions to continue his mission.