Nahju Rashad Islamic College, Chamakkala – Thrissur – Kerala

Candid with Mujeeb Jaihoon organized by Nahju Rashad Islamic College, Chamakkala – Thrissur – Kerala on Aug 05 2018.

Alhamdulillah is an experience, far from an utterance. At best, it is an active state of conscious mind, not an act of passive sigh— reminds Mujeeb Jaihoon at Nahju Rashad Islamic College, Chamakkala.

Most of your instructors in this college were students when I had spoken years back in their institutions. As we gather in the august assembly seated across the prayer ranks of the Masjid, it is extremely difficult to preserve the sanctity of His House. We both need to be careful and cautious of the moments we spent in this holy space.

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Perfection: The Forbidden Fruit

To be told about one’s achievements is a bewitching experience that will instigate the heart to think it has reached somewhere. The biggest crime one can commit against the artist or seeker, be it to God or business, is to convince them that they have reached their destination. However, the truth is— none of us will ever reach our goal. To assume otherwise is nothing short of Death. Perfection is the forbidden fruit of the seeker. Positive Criticism, however, is an explosive powerhouse of aesthetic inspiration.

Ungrateful is UnFaithful

Gratitude occupies such a central position in our Faith—it may be Faith itself. It may be relatively logical to attribute our success to the degree of gratitude for our blessings. Kufr, commonly assumed to mean denial of truth, may also literally mean to hide something. It can also refer to being ungrateful to the blessings of the Lord— to conceal the well-deserved gratitude we owe to our Creator. Being ungrateful is, hence, to be unFaithful. Part of our being grateful to the One in heavens is to be grateful to those on earth. Gratitude is the thread that binds the fabric of human relationships. Unfortunately, the Malayalam equivalent of the phrase, thank you, is the most miserly used expression in Kerala. This crisis of communication calls for the creation of a new word in Malayalam to express the same sentiment.

Quranic Mantra for Sure Shot Success

The challenge faced by the Indian Muslims today is immense. There are intellectual and political threats unseen by our predecessors. In some places of the country, it is an existentialist question. Nevertheless, there is a miraculous formula to remember during testing times, which if applied, will guarantee sure shot success. Allah has assured us of this mantra in his Final testament of the Truth. Quran is a book with very limited word count, in comparison to other religious texts. There is no place for approximations in this Holy Book. Only perfect truths. Hence, the Divine assurance, ‘if you remain grateful, then I shall increase (in blessings)’. A truth, which I have personally experienced, not just understood.

Golden Past: Imitation vs Inspiration

I know it is a futile effort to recreate the personal piety of our bygone saints. Nor is it worthwhile to romanticize Sufism, especially by someone who has never undergone any formal initiation in its practices. Nevertheless, I may boldly admit Gratitude is an extremely helpful tool to realize one’s aspirations. Gratitude is the key to unlock the door of success.

Alhamdulillah is an experience, far from an utterance. At best, it is an active state of conscious mind, not an act of passive sigh.

Celebrate Tears of Gratitude

Tears is the best friend of Gratitude. They adorn one another. Gratitude is like a glass of cold water. Tears are the dewdrops that flow down its surface. Don’t feel shy to shed them out. His Beloved, the most brave and beautiful of all creations, did not conceal them for fear of childishness. Celebrate tears as gems of gratitude.

Campus: The Best & Most Time

Campus is the stage which offers the best time of your life, and the most as well. The ideas and concepts are sowed then. Harvest and growth happen later. While reading a book in campus may take few days, the same may demand weeks or months later in life.

Posted Jan 15 2019