Jaihoon’s selected tweets from the year 2020. Updated Sep 04 2020

Woe to the the App-Centric Nationalism of Bhakt India.

Indian Activists are now indicted based more on Nouns than Verbs.

Fake encounter of Justice. #drkafeelkhan

Yesterday’s taboo is today’s yahoo. Alas! Woe to the ‘table-turns’ in the feast of history.

India’s weak and oppressed lot has been pleading for past several years for Divine Intervention to restrain the acts of their Oppressor. #ActOfGod

Suffocated and intimidated, Indian democracy has long been in ICU with respiratory difficulties.

True colors of Indian celebrities reveal only upon retirement. 🙄

“My nation. My passion. You will remain poets’ elation Despite the threats & tribulations Happy Birthday #IndependenceDay

The Day when India and Pakistan can fearlessly wish each other on their Independence Days will be the day when they actually won freedom.

Irony ‘martyred’ a thousand times when delivered a Supreme Injustice Verdict against Freedom of Expression in the Largest Democracy on the eve of the Nation’s Independence Day. @pbhushan1 #prashantbhushan

“#HumanLives do not as much as #CowsMeatMatter. #WhatIsTheMatter actually with my India? 😔 #EidMatters”

Aug 5 is the funeral, not inaugural, ceremony of Indian Secularism. Gandhiji & India’s freedom martyrs will be weeping in their graves. #BhoomiPujan

Shah-forcement Directorate. #Witchhunt #politicsofthreat

Chameleon In Chief. #AAP

Bang Thaali Bang : #1MillionCasesIndia

“Pakistan weeps for Kashmiris only as much as India sheds tears for Uyghurs. Truth is no one cares. 😢
#UyghursLivesMatter #KashmiriLivesMatter”

Oscar Committee may reconsider their evaluation methods after breathtaking acting skills of Surender in Chief. 🤦🏼‍♂️ #Leh #ModiBetrayedIndia

WARNING: Spoiler Alert. We will terrorise you with Love.” “#Malappuram

Black Lives matter. Kashmiris’ don’t. Why? Becoz they are white. #BhaktLogic #Kashmir #KashmiriLivesMatter

Dhoom #Bobde Dhoom.

“Liberate me, o Beloved, from this paradise-world. Lock me down in the love-prison of your desire. Every breath I take sans your yearning is no less than a thousand deaths for my love-starved soul. Sallallahualaihiwasallam. #Medina”

“Rome wasn’t built in a day. Nor was it destroyed either. Nor were any of those who thought they would never fade away. Those prevailing should never think otherwise. #Ottoman #Mughal #Ummayyid #Abbasid #Seljuk”

Boycott Green Tea. Drink Sulaimani 😉

Moral of the #IndiaChinaFaceOff: Green Tea is fantastic.

It’s less likely for history to forgive a Leader who divided his own people while uniting his neighbors against his country.

Antichrist, too, will appear as Messiah in the eyes of his reptilian-brained cheerleaders. #blindwithbigotry

‘Does GOD believe in us’ matters more than ‘Do we believe in GOD’. #humanitymatters

Far from a glorious act, suicide is cowardice masquardering as courage.

Life comes with the usual set of torturous trials for everyone. Everyone suffers to some degree or other, if not mentally then physically for sure. And Suicide is no heroic escape plan from this immortal shadow of this earthly existence.

Principles are no more than Tissue Paper in the Power-pocket of a Politician.

The Nagpur-Chaddi Doctrine 101: How to screw up a Powerful Nation’s decades-old FP in less than 6 years. #IndiaChinaStandOff #indianepaltension

Porotta with Beef: Fundamental birthright of a Malayalee. #handsoffparotta #dontmesswithKerala #HandsOffPorotta

India’s prestigious capital maybe at Delhi. But it’s tradition & ethos shine from Kerala, especially #Malappuram district. #KeralaComesToTwitter

“Malappuram – The Compassionate Capital of India

“Pineapple will now be known as the ‘South Indian #Jihadi fruit’ in the Sanghi market. #keralaelephant”

Virus and Mammals are free of the Faith-fetter. Some insane Indians however believe otherwise.

#Malappuram is the real #KeralaModel. Let that sink in, shameless Sanghi.

Pineapple will now be known as the ‘South Indian #Jihadi fruit’ in the Sanghi market.

Virus and Mammals are free of the Faith-fetter. Some insane Indians however believe otherwise.

Pharaoh & Nimrod perhaps assumed they would find no successors in the future. Unfortunately, they were proved wrong. As #TrumpDictatorship shows.

Music & Madness mesmerize and triumph one another.

Simplicity is the greatest sophistication of Islam. Hence, the Eid prayer performed at home is no less spiritual and gratifying than at the congregational prayer ground.

Fictitious Life is stranger than Realistic Death.

Human Impatience may arguably be the secret steam engine that propels the vessels of Technology and Innovation. Hubris, too, perhaps helps to burn the coal.

The migrant crisis during Covid-19 #lockdown is no less painful than the sufferings at Indian partition.

The Fruition of Faith: Fall in love with the Beloved. Follow his Sunnah.

Death is free from any partisan politics. And Angel of Death is no politician either.

Islam offers an amazing template for almost every instance of life. It beautifies our days and nights with the most noble of all human perfection.

TRUTH may not even make it as runner-up in the profane popularity contest.

I seek refuge in the Master Judgement Day from being judgmental of others.

Good or bad, women are destiny’s signboards of OMEN.

Press Freedom under Lockdown in Hate-infected Modi India. #UAPA

Petrol to the Pandemic: But ‘what has that got to do with the price of tea in China’? #petrolPrice

Collective Amnesia of human sufferings is the greatest pandemic of all times. #COVIDー19

Parenting during Lockdown… Why should Kids have all the ‘fun’? #Parenting #lockdown

Woe to the Merchants of Hate. Wow to the Saints of Love.

Zoom machale Zoom is the new chill among buddies. #lockdowneffect

Bijli Band Rakhna / Diya Jalake Rakhna / Tumhaare Ghar Se O Sanghi / Bhagayenge Hum Corona

Other countries’ heads should emulate Modi’s philosophy of not only ‘successfully managing’ the $5 trillion economy but also entertaining the public with comics & fairytales.

Lockdown the Duniya. Unlock the akhira. #lockdown

Social distancing an opportunity for Spiritual Enhancing. #lockdown

Every nation has turned to a #Coronacratic State. Apparently, this Regime is nonpartisan to wealth, color and creed.

Quarantine the body. Not your Humanity. #Lockdown

Bartan Bajake Rehna / Gaumutr Peeke Rehna / Lene Tujhe O Be-aqli / Aayenge Tere Corona

#Plate_Banging technique to kill the virus is a huge face-palm for India’s widely praised intellectual legacy. #JantaCurfewMarch22

Imagine the dilemma of the Bhakt without the Balcony. #janta_curfew #JantakaCurfew #JantaCurfewChallenge

‘നീതി’യുടെ കിളി പോയി. #Gogoi

Former Chief Janitor of India. #Gogoi

Justice quarantined. #Gogoi

Justice jeopardized somewhere between Rafaele, Ram Mandir & Rajya Sabha. #Gogoi

A Passionate Devil is more bankable than a Half-hearted angel.

Another Opportunist-Corona has joined the Jurassic Brigade. Await Time’s verdict on this treacherous fallout.

The #MediaBan episode is a wake up call that rest of Indian media outlets ARE NOT doing the job they SHOULD be doing. Not vice versa.

Only benefit for Indian taxpayers from Corona Virus: Globetrotting PM is stuck in the country. #COVIDー19

India among runners up in the race for best autocracies. BMKJ! #mediaban

Raja aur mantri aapke / Sipahi aur bandook bhi / Na jaane phir bhi kyon rothe ho / Ke jungle mein Sher khatre mein hai?

India doesn’t need more enemies when it’s Archenemy is running the show.

As a Muslim, I unapologetically unbelieve in the human-designed deities of fellow faith communities. But I am equally respectful & grateful for the brave Hindu, Sikh & Christian superheroes who defended my Community from the horrific Hindutva hooligans during #DelhiGenocide2020

It is OK for animals to fight the predator for their survival. But, O Lord, India’s Muslims are expected to welcome their butchers with open arms?

Delhi was hitherto known as the Rape capital of India. It now qualifies for Riot Capital too. #DelhiRiots

Life is based on Fake News. Fiction is based on True Events.

Were it not for the Unseen & Unknown Divine, our arrogant Intellect would get swollen, literally, with pride.

We wander in wilderness hunting for Love only to discover that Love is lingering at the doorstep of the Beloved. #JaihoonPoem #Medina

Clowns in Command. God save India

Our occasional Imperfections perfectly prove to us of our Humanity. #HumanMistakes

Library and Thuggery are antonyms, not synonyms. Unfortunately #DelhiPolic under the Jurassic Juggler think vice versa.

Poor #DelhiPolice men mistook library for their training ground. #JamiaAttack

Why erect a Wall when the Glaring Rich are inherently Poor-blind? #TrumpIndiaVisit

The greatest challenge is to convince our ego of its insignificance, especially in this exhibitive era.

Vote se maara ‘gaddaron’ ne. #DelhiElectionResults

One can only hide something if they have one. #Identity

Goli lagake rakhna / Gobar sajake rakhna / Lene Tujhe O Yogi / Aayenge Tere Sanghi

GodSe is an oxymoron. It’s actually DevilSe.

No one can celebrate and enact Mahatma’s death anniversary as accurately as swayam-saving Bhakts. The others are simply fake nationalists. Face with rolling eyes

It happens only in India: A first-class stand-up comedian is demoted to a national hero. The fateful end of good comedy.

Social Service is the Supreme Sentence for the Sardarpura Slaughterers. #GujaratRiots

Ghulami Ka Phal PADMA hota hai. #PadmaAwards

REvival of the Public. #HappyRePublicDay

History may or may not forgive us. But can WE forgive History ?

Holy Cow. Holier Beef. #Kerala #Tourism

It happens only in India: Presidential Award winning Cop escorts deadly terrorists to Nation’s capital. Sacred Games of Sedition

Indian independence was the fruit of the fiery youth’s fervid journey back and forth from the Hostel to the Hospital. Regime’s award hopefuls may not fully understand this Lesson.

Spineless Heroes. Tigress Sheroes. My Beloved India in 2020.

Fascists attack with Rod. India resists with the Head. #JNUattack

Newest Low for humanity : Cultural monuments are more sacred than the lives of innocent men and women.

Indian Democracy badly in need of a ‘Svyam Sevak’ Sena in the self-defense battle for survival against the Fascist goons.

Where have all the BALLS of Cricket and Bollywood disappeared? #JNUattack #JNUBleeds #BollywoodWakeUp

Feeble Roses cannot stand up to Fascist Batons. Fight Force with Force, not tweets. #JNUViolence #JNUattack #jnuhorror

Fascist Hindutva terror unmasked: Is this the Armageddon of Indian Democracy?

Delhi needs street smart politicians now. #JNUViolence #JNUattack #jnuhorror

Bhakt ke joothe kaat ke khayenge ya choos ke?

A Kerala mosque has opened its gates and coffers for a Hindu wedding, complete with lamps and rituals, to help out a poor family and set an example at a time many fear that India’s secular fabric is under threat.

Chowkidar Gaddar Hai

Soleimani is no more the revolutionary Mallus-only favorite choice of refreshment.

For, it is love, and love alone, which testifies for our humanity. As long we can love, we continue to be humans.