The joy of being pardoned is limitless, writes Mujeeb Jaihoon

Oh! This hypocrite is forgiven
By the one to whom pain he’d given

For a sinner of his stature
A great relief this is for sure!

For Long had he been waiting –
Why this miracle was be-lating

At morn and night
He’s used to reciting-

‘Ya Badee’al Ajaaib
Bil Khairi Ya Badee’

In YOUR sight
Nothing is ghaaib
About sounds loud and quiet
YOU are As-Samee’


His hands may Allah restrain!
His heart may Allah NOT constrain!
May his ambitions never drain!
Nor any harm upon him strain!


Since from the one on earth
He’s been forgiven,
He can now dare to raise
His hands towards the Heaven


Like that ‘Seeker of Babylon’
He is in want of a moon
To reflect upon HIS Signs
And for his heart to cleanse

When asked Khalil
For the life and death to reveal
He was certainly not in doubt
About His Glory and Might


That ‘Friend of Lord’
Only wanted to strengthen his faith
On the Lord who made life and death


He is keeping his heart alive,
As a bee remaining busy in the hive

This and that,
Like a starving rat
Feeding on worldly things
He is trying to survive

The food of his soul is gone
He is damned back to the worldly zone
Expelled from that Fearful Town
His heart has hardened to a stone

Day and night he is in constant moan
Ah! This dog has lost his only bone

Weep not for this poet
Nor for his blood-like plight
For, against the imitative world
He is up in rebellious riot!

Forget this poem
For you shall receive but mayhem

This is no lullaby
That is full of melody

Is it not funny
To expect harmony
From the accused of felony

Forget these lines,
Ignore if nothing ever remains

Although a sinner in despise,
Take it from me
This handsome advice
For it you pay no price

Those words of Umar-
The poet-like Qazi
from the heart of Malabar

“The love and praise of Our Sire
is blessed indeed
HE may fulfill your desire
For which you are in need”

Remember that Green Dome of Madina!
Of that Adorable Son of Amina!

When my greetings
Are sent on Medina
My whole life becomes
A beautiful Tasbih in Qarina

These are among wonders
Of the Originator of Wonders

Glorified be HIS MERCY!
Praised be HIS GLORY!

What can I say,
O my treasured friend!

With me is just a tiny heart.
To thank and praise HIM,
Unsure am I where to start!

On your lips am I hearing
Those words of Rabia-
That priceless gem of Basra,
Who never wore an earring
For whom His Fear was most dear
When the mystics saw her as a seer

“God be praised that He conferred His grace
On us that we could pass
The whole night in prayers;
As a mark of gratitude,
Let us pass the whole day in fasting”


Ya Badee’al Ajaaib! Bil Khairi ya Badee’ : “O Originator of wonder! With goodness me YOU shower!” (A special prayer regularly recited by Shah Waliyullah Dehlavi)

Ghaaib : hidden

As-Samee’ : All Hearing (One among the 99 names of Allah)

Seeker of Babylon : The reference is to Prophet Ibrahim (as), born in Babylonia

Khalil : Friend (of Allah). Title given to Prophet Ibrahim.

For the life and death to reveal : The Holy Quran gives detailed account of this incident.

Umar Qazi : The Sufi poet and judge who fought against the British colonial rule in India. Click for more

Son of Amina : The Holy Prophet

Tasbih : Rosary

Qarina : well-arranged setting

Rabia : The lady saint of Basra (Iraq). She had many scholars and saints as her students.

Dec 22 2001