In a critical conversation with Mujeeb Jaihoon, Dr. Shama Mohamed, the ‘Fair & Fiery’ media panelist of Indian National Congress, takes a jab at the Modi government’s disastrous divisive rule and failed foreign policy.

(Edited version of online interview recorded on July 3 2020)


Press freedom is deteriorating under Modi government.
The Establishment is using pressure tactics on Media if they don’t fall in line
The pre-2014 govt. faced severe media criticism
Corruption allegations are under reported nor questioned


Modi is the first PM not to hold press conference
One-sided Sermons are not enough
Journalists don’t accompany on foreign trips


ISLAM is a scientific religion.
Community organizations should honor the concerns of society’s general health in line with Prophetic practice.
Kerala’s success in Covid-19 management is out of its education, decade-old primary health policy and participation by local bodies.
Primary healthcare in many parts of India is dismal.
Particular community is targeted in line with Modi government’s divide and rule policy reminiscent of the colonial East Indian Company


Literacy, primary healthcare, communal harmony, untouched by Partition woes, and social reformers contributed to Kerala Model
Muslim upliftment in Kerala is not based on appeasement
Muslim vote in Kerala is based on well informed decisions, free from the manifesto of the Maulavi.
Educating Muslim Community is crucial for their progress in the country.
Indian Muslims are poorer than Dalits.
Tolerance is greater among communities in Kerala.
Keralites are brought up to respect everyone including Dalits.


Banning selective apps is not the solution to fight border transgression.
Funds from foreign companies should be made transparent.
India had constructive relations with neighbors pre-2014
Muslim countries are upset with the discriminatory CAA
Big brother policy cannot help foreign relations
Foreign affairs is not a one man show
Inviting perpetrators to the country is anti-national.
Only in present India is the Government given free hand while Opposition is questioned.