Jaihoon’s thoughts & notes during Holy Quran commentary lectures by Simsarul Haq Hudawi

Apr 24 2009

  • It is one’s own disbelief which causes the hear to be sealed
  • While Adam admitted his sin in humility, the Satan blamed God for making him astray.
  • That resulted in the difference of the destinies of both.
  • Gafara means to cover up sins. Gafoor is one who forgives in plenty.
  • Allah will not punish a slave in both worlds for the same sin. The punishment in this world very light compared to the hereafter
  • Simply because one is assigned as Prophet does not mean he would be knowledgeable about all things
  • The place where the dead fish escaped was where Khidr was found. This signifies two things. Firstly, the nature of Khidr’s knowledge: the dead fish became alive in the rocky area where Khidr dwelled. Only true God-given knowledge can enliven dead hearts. Secondly, it was the also the place where they forgot: Man-made knowledge faints in the vicinity of knowledge given by Allah. (Jaihoon)