Highlights of Jaihoon’s inaugural address at the Teens India Summer Camp, Dubai (Jul 24 09)

The syllabus you studied can change or become obsolete or you may even forget what you learnt. You can loose your job especially during recession or if technology develops. Never build your life dreams based on your career alone. Life definition shouldn’t be based on your career, or don’t try to find meaning of life in your job or studies because if you loose either of them it will cost your life. For example, suicides of exam failures, rank expectants. What is important in life are neither academics nor job. A computer can also learn and a robot can also work. Most important is your personality and identity.

Try to become a distinct person in the society. While Society has given you all the facilities to grow, there is a reverse contribution required to serve the needy ones later ones in our life.

You should also be good at what you are doing. Whatever you are into make sure of its quality. Always remain updated in your area of interest. For example, this event update you can see on JAIHOON.COM was published yesterday.

We live in a world full of deceptions. We come across ‘Harry Potters’ at different occasions who make us see things which actually don’t exist.

Imam Gazzali has enlightened us, based on his personal experience, how our senses can be deceived to believe in things whose reality is different from its essence. We may apply this knowledge while we browse the web which is full of deceitful tricks. For example, a click from your end (which is hidden next to a normal link) the hidden flash scripts can activate your web cam and microphone to send your personal information) to other websites.

So we see we cannot trust our eyes alone. There is something called insight. You should know that your studies and your job cannot guarantee your insight. It is a result of closeness to God and sincerity to the meaning of life.

When you are blessed with insight, then you will realize that life has new meanings. In the words of Iqbal,

If you can see the world with your own eyes
The skies are illuminated with the light of your dawn