Some mixed feelings

A thought dawned upon my mind about two mundane things which we all do (and as such there is nothing philosophical about it). Some of the results on comparison were funny and some strange.

On Sneezing, a believer says ‘Al Hamdu Lillah’ while on Yawning the he/she seeks refuge with Almighty from the Accursed Devil.

Sneezing is when the body wants to force out a ‘particle’; Yawning is a stimulation for the ‘easy entry of the Devil’ (perhaps the reason why we are commanded to cover our mouth with a hand)

Sneezing is aroused when we look at a strong source of light (Sun for example) while Yawning is when we are relaxing in a dim-lit room.

In most cases, seeing another person yawning makes us yawn too. In the case of sneezing it is not so.

Yawning is a great non-verbal tool, especially in a classroom for the teacher to understand the interest level of students . I don’t know of such meaning for Sneezing.

Finally, I had to yawn many times while typing this but never sneezed. What about you?


Posted : September 09, 2001 @ 20:48