Whatever God has given me, it was made available because of my following the Prophet, and whatever was denied to me it was because of my own shortcoming in doing so.

Once he said, “One day I advanced my right foot first while entering the lavatory. Although it was by mistake, I was denied many an ecstatic experience on that day.”

Another time he asked a disciple, Salih Khatlani, to bring a few cloves from his pouch. The Shaikh expressed displeasure when he saw that Salih had brought six cloves. He said, “My Sufi seems to be ignorant of the Hadith that Allah is witr and He loves witr. It is commendable to keep in view the odd numbers of witr. But what do the people know of commendable acts? Even if this world and the next were awarded to some one for performing something liked by God, it would not be really a sufficient reward.”

Literally Witr means odd number.