Known as Ali Mian among his family members and friends, the Maulana is scholar, thinker, writer, historian, researcher and reformer. He has been endowed with an immense degree of intellect and vision and a great sense of understanding. A remarkable characteristic of this frail-looking, but vigorous personality is his impeccable style and method of preaching Islam to non-Muslims keeping in view the psyche and prerequisites of the modern world. If one looks at his services for Islam and the diverse field of his missionary activities, one would come to the conclusion that he is an institution by himself.

When he is not traveling to attend seminars or collecting awards and recognitions, Nadwi’s day is unvarying. “I get up an hour before Fajr (morning prayers) for Tahajjud( late night prayers). I take the first opportunity to offer Fajr. then I have my breakfast and recite Quran. After this until Zohar, I translate books and other works. Then I make Dua to Almighty and after Zohar, have some rest.

I get up before Asr and after Asr there is usually a majlis which I attend. Then I offer Maghrib after which there is a majlis again. People ask me questions relating to Islam and I try my best to answer them. After Isha prayer, I have my food and perhaps half-an-hour there is another majlis. Then I go to bed.

(by Mohammed Yusuf, The Gulf Today)