Our family has been intimately connected, at least for the past three hundred years, intellectually and spiritually, with the school of thought that goes by the name of Mujaddid Alf Thani and Shah Waliyullah. The private library of my father had three-volume collection of Mujaddid’s letters, which had been printed at Ahmadi press of Delhi. I started reading the book in compliance with the wish expressed by my brother, but was so discouraged that I had to put it off more than once. The letters written by the Mujaddid to his spiritual mentor Khaja Baqi Billah describing his spiritual experiences and ecstatic moods were specially disconcerting to me, but my brother kept on prodding me to go through the letters along with the Izalatul Khifa of Shah Waliyullah… At last I made up my mind to go through these books once for all. I felt ashamed for not being able to do what my brother had bidden.

And what was this collection of these letters: had it not been cherished by the most pure hearted souls? Providence came to my rescue and more I read the book, the more I found it fascinating. Now I began to understand its contents and when I became enamoured by it. It so attracted my interest that I found it more fascinating than the best literary creations. I was then passing through a most critical stage of my life: certain mental tensions and intellectual stresses and strains had put me in turmoil. The book then came as a spiritual guide to me. I could clearly perceive the placid calm and equanimity overtaking my heart.