About the impact of the tournament on families of the spectators

The world sport event has its say in almost all discussion tables of the world. From office, to cafes, to political meetings, TV shows, radio song request programs.

Friends renew their friendship and foes sharpen their enmity based on the teams they support. Marketing strategies are drawn much early to take maximum advantage of the global sport fever. The FIFA committee has not much to do for preaching the craze for the game of foot and the ball. The hearts and minds of millions roll along with the ball on the grass.

But hold on a minute. Did we realize that there are an equal number of victims who are martyred in the tsunami of this madness? They are the ones whose hearts cry for the end of this tournament as soon as possible. They are as eager as their men, not for its commencement, but to put the last nail to its coffin. These matches, held to identify the most capable nation who can dribble the ball and hit it through the goal post is the worst nightmare the male counterpart.

These are some of the thoughts my office colleagues left me to ponder with when I was having my Br-unch (the undefined content and timing of food forces me to call it that way). She asked me if I was going to be in bed with the soccer fever. When I gave a casual negative reply, she was relieved, ‘Oh, then your wife must be lucky’.

Her message was clear. The Foot-Ball would make many families miss their men. The FIFA instinct in man could not be overwhelmed even by the affection from his loved ones.

Sport should be taken as legitimate form of leisure meant to relax the mind from harsh realities of life. Instead we see it kicking out Life itself from the driving seat and taking complete control of the mind of man

Each activity has to be viewed keeping in mind the totality of the human life. Even if it’s the ultimate worship of Almighty. That is what I can promptly conclude when I remember the Holy Prophet of God seeking the permission of his favorite wife when he wished to enter into communion with the Ultimate Reality. It shows he cared for the rights of his partner although he was made in charge of spreading the message of God and declared the role model of servanthood to seek His Grace.

sallallahu ala Muhammad sallallahi alaihi wa sallam

June 11 2011 (An hour before the commencement of the first FIFA 2010 match)

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