– Jaihoon

I was torn between the both
To know if Flame’s light incite Moth?

Do whereabouts of the Beloved
Influence how close you behold (him)?

Is knowledge the drop-
Watering love’s hope?

Is knowledge the throne-
Whereto Love’s power prone?

I sought an answer
This mystery to decipher

In the dream appeared as-Siddiq
From him I wanted the secret to break

“What is the secret of your affinity-
Fortune came to stay in your vicinity?

You are ranked the highest in faith
With countless bliss did Lord bathe (you)

What raised you to this post, O Siddiq-
In both worlds you became his host?

Your faith is more stronger
Than all our faith put together

Came the reply,

“Know thy Beloved
‘Tis what I say

To Love thy Beloved
Every single day

My faith did not sprout in a day or two
I mingled with Mustafa for years close to

I knew his ways untainted
Even before Lord had him appointed

I knew his affection with his own folks
And his honesty when he dealt with goods

He became my today and tomorrow
I followed his as close as a shadow

I learned his ways as a child
His speech so sweet and mild

I say,
Learn about him more
To enter via Faith’s door

No one had the right
To address him by name

The Holy One who had the right
Always called him by titles other

He is that concentrated formula of scent
Suffice for all which since him descent

Know thy Beloved
‘Tis what I say

To Love thy Beloved
Every single day”

sallallahu ala Muhammad, sallallahu alaihi wa sallam

Oct 10 2010