The Bridegroom and the Bride’s father sits, accompanied by the witnesses and also present is the local Qazi or the Khateeb (the one who delivers the khutba or Friday Sermon). The groom’s friends sits beside him. A register is signed with the signatures of the two parties and a sermon is also given.

Notice the bouquet which is very common in Muslim marriages has originated from the local culture.

The groom is expected to sit at the function with his head covered.

The use of flowers in marriages is becoming increasingly popular irrespective of caste or religion. Ironically, it is often the little children of the household, and not the bride, who are in a better position to outshine others. The 4-year old Muslim girl in the picture, for example, is seen with the jasmine flowers on. She is playing with the jewel box that had the Mahr or the bride-price (given from the groom to the bride).

Flower dealers make good business during the marriage seasons