Transcript of Jaihoon’s speech at Teens Day 2010

You are a crowd full of power and excitement. You have also proved your IQ in the competitions held here. Congratulations to all winners.

My little friends. We all have role models whom we adore and admire and whom we emulate and imitate. Why do we keep install role models in our life? No doubt to motivate us and push us to new heights in life.

When I was in school, I used to admire the teachers who taught me. I was amazed at their knowledge and experience. And I used to wonder if I would ever be like them? Would I ever share a seat equal with them?

Today morning I attended a similar competition like this in another Emirate. I was on the panel of judges for the recitation of English poetry and elocution. When I reached there, I was surprised to see among my Psychology teacher from school days as my co-judge.

Tonight let me sprinkle a few drops of ambition in your budding hearts. You should not be just at par with your teachers and role models. But go beyond them. Let not yourself be wonderstruck when you meet your role models. Let us change this traditional formula. Let’s ball them over. Make them proud of your achievements instead of vice versa.

Remember ambition and freedom are two important components for growth. However the latter does not make sense if the former is not exercised responsibly.

I leave you with the ever energetic lines of my favourite poet,

“Khirad Ko Ghulami Se Aazaad Kar
Jawaanon Ko Peeron Ka Ustaaz Kar