A Qawwali by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan describing a mystical theme of love.

Mast Nazaron Se Allah Bachaaye…
(Allah save me from drunken eyes)

I have seen you in the innocent spring

I have seen you among the stars

My beloved! I swear upon your veiled face

I have seen you in midst of tear drops

Be it any time, I spend it in laughter

Inhaling the fragrance from the flowers

Borrowing light from the stars

The beauty of Beloved do I portray…

I go asleep in concealing the secret of your assembly

Or else these people are seen to be awake

In my garment are nothing but thorns

You seem to be a buyer of flowers

On the last day who will testify for me, O Goblet?

Everyone seems to be facing towards you…

Much did I remember my parted lover today

Much did I remember my ruined garden

When any misfortune of Destiny has conquered us

Much did I remember the entangled tresses of Beloved.

‘Tis not must,

That every evening has a morn.

Sleep shall come in the bed of agony too,

‘Tis not must,

That my head rests at your bosom.

‘Tis not must

The sajdah that the Sheikh performs

At the masjid for the Lord

Carries any effect.

It is must,

That everyone cast their sight

At the Saqi.

But ’tis not must

That Saqi’s eyes fall upon everyone.

From Drunken eyes…

Save me, O Allah!