Landing on the moon or demystifying the atom were seen with pride. Yet, there are other possibilities than imagined— Jaihoon’s radical Miraj poem

Be warned, O kind reader!
Be warned these are the lines of love
Not of science, philosophy nor religion

I wish not to tax your thought, for
You are free as me to agree not

I wish not to make you an enemy
For lovers’ ways are unknown to many

The Beloved is free of any blame
If at all, the lover is the one lame

One solitary night I thought
What, where would be Man’s limit

Can he fly beyond the sky?
Can he see sun and moon nigh?
What defines his limit?
Where ends his permit?

I asked Homer and said he
The like of Odyssey is his limit

I asked Picasso and said he
The world of colours is his end

I asked Voltaire and said he
To think free is the ultimate

I asked Newton and said he
Acquaint with motion, nothing more

I asked Bohr and said he
Knowledge of atoms is suffice

I asked Bacon and said he
Observe; there is nothing beyond

I asked Aristotle and said he
Logic is his only saviour

I asked Marx and said he
Equality of wealth is the supreme

I asked the Shepherd of Bethlehem and said he
Mercy to all is the achievement greatest

I asked the Son of Kapilavastu and said he
To not kill any is the height ultimate

I asked the Guide of Children of Israel and said he
Mount Sinai is the summit of my reach

And then the Unlettered Orphan of Makka spoke-
Neither the forces on earth
Nor the wonders in the skies, but
Face to face, the very LORD is his limit

June 24 2011 (Rajab 22)