Radio announcement for EGOPTICS: The book with a Dotcom history behind it written by Jaihoon

We’re introducing a book with exceptional features. This is a English book, written by a Nissar SayyedMalayalee. It is a idea developed by a youth- who was born only in 1978. You have to calculate his age only as such. He has taken part in many of our programs. His interview has been telecasted from Radio Asia before. He has presented his views via the website We have known about the Allama Iqbal’s philosophy through it.

Such an Internet man’s book, consisting of poems and essays, was released by the Director General of Hamriyah Free Zone, Rashid Al Leem.

However, it has to be admitted that it is rare for a Malayalee to achieve such. The name of the book is EGOPTICS, a combined state of EGO and OPTICS. It was his association with prominent personalities that helped Jaihoon to form perspectives on different issues. The book is expected to hit the shelves soon.

The English language used is very powerful and is indeed a promise for tomorrow. The book is published by Olive Publications, headed by Dr. MK Muneer, the minister in Kerala.

Good Morning Gulf wishes him success.

An element of ‘discovery’ is present in these poems and essays.

It contains many facts relating to Arabian culture and heritage