by Jaihoon

Few days back
I had my luck

A noble light I saw
As with pink does the horizon glow
Ever since the light passed in front
Tears are flowing without any end


Such Fearful faith-
I am in lack
Robbed of His Love,
My soul is black


In that light is a noble silence
In me is an impatient voice

By End and Means
This light shines like a lance
To reach such a stage
It seems I will take years

For a while
I dwelt on that Dream-like light
I thought about the One
Who made that light so bright

Who gave it eyes so chaste?
Who gave it a heart that with beauty lasts?
Who adorned it with a garment so modest?
Who put in its mouth words so honest?

Such a beauty is of its own?
Or from the faith of the Only One?

The light continued to shine
As if like a pearl from a goldmine

I thought about the Noorun-ala-Noor
Who fashioned this earthly noor

And then decided-

Forget the gift
Remember the Giver

Forget the rose
Remember the Gardener


A rose remains a rose
Although the same depth
Of its Him-Loving faith
I cannot reach across


From a very long before
My heart has become sore

To be like that Sweet Rose
Who in my heart did His Love arouse

I am trying my level best
To win the bewildering Devil test

As did Mustafa speak
At every moment, that Beloved’s ways do I mimic

For all night long
In prayers do I sob

Like a beggar do I linger
At the gates of His Favor

Ah! I know for sure

The more Him I ask
The easier will be my task.

The more favors I need
The greater will He provide

I am trying my level best
Soiled I am though by the sinful dust
Toiling along without any rest
Before Him do I lay my request


So that one day
I too can boldly say

‘My Merciful Him
Who Loves me.”

Written on October 23rd 2002 during free hours in the office.