When anger takes over !

How am I to behold the volcano of anguish and anger? This fume that is being emitted, spreads far and wide, knowing no bounds. Frustration enfolds every vein of mine. Nothing but curse and mistrust. And what can I say about this hell at heart?

This flame continues to gain strength though I try to extinguish it with all the remedies I have known. The smile of agony is hard to comprehend…

Like a toy at the hands of a 4-year old, I am tossed at the hands of the devil… like a circle without a center, like a village burnt alive at the hands of a tyrant cyclone…

My heart reflects the image of a wretched paddy field to whom the soil, the sun are unkind. To hell with the harvest… this heat of mistrust, this prick of hypocrisy, this garbage of lies… sleep has bid farewell from my eyes along with trust.

Tears get dried up once the hurricane takes over. It is in the ‘Love of Hate’ that the Ego finds its true companion. This army of darkness puts an end to the joy of daylight.

But wonderfully enough, all the these novel ingredients add flavor to my semi-prepared dish called ‘fate’. The show goes on, unmindful of the applause…

A Divine Breeze alone can blow this fire off that melts my like wax-like heart!

” Har dard ki dawa hai, Muhammad ke sheher mein ”

There is a cure for all ills in the city of Muhammad

October 1997.