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Malayalam Tafsir by Simsarul Haq Hudawi (Oct 22 2011)

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Right and wrong cannot be settled with logical argument alone.

Man will go to any extend of logical argument to justify his wrong

There would be no decision which would be acceptable to all humanity

Even the one who lies habitually will appreciate those who tell the truth

Good character is the evidence that one is neither mad nor possessed.

Holy prophet said “If I were to have taken a close friend other than my Lord, I would have taken Abu Bakr.”

Abu Bakr asSiddiq never bowed before an idol, even during his pre-Islamic days

The character of Holy Prophet is THE greatest guarantee that his words were the Truth

Prophet & Family were forbidden to receive any charity from others.Evn his fiercest enemy can’t find a fault with him of making any gain

Quran was revealed at a time when Arabs had reached the greatest peak of their literary history

The bad FRIENDS in dunia are our ENEMIES in akhira

Bad company of friends are another source of hardening of our hearts.

It is among the right of shopping malls to respond to greetings and lower one’s gaze when required

There is a special reward for those who abstain from evils despite having all opportunity to commit it

Not all news reports in media are based on truths. Gossips and invasion of individual’s privacy are to be shunned

Allah has blessed us with great technological comforts. But the devil instigates us to misuse it

When we go to buy a thing, then we demean its quality to lower the price. But when we try to sell the same thing, then we elevate its value.

If we give up a chance of worshipping HIM without trying, then Allah will remove all such opportunities in the future.

Most of what we hear in religious discourses is reminders, and very little of fresh knowledge.

It is only when our hearts become pure, our actions will reflect the same nature.