Ya Rabb! Wonderful indeed are your creation!
You have shown me such a friend-like fiction

Who speaks not much and is silent most of the time,
Who understands all my feelings and says nothing at all

Who is very busy all the time doing nothing
But has enough time to listen how I am feeling

Who ignores whenever I come around
Yet cares for me the from every surround

Who never sees anything in front while on the way
Yet carefully watches the color of my Him-swollen eyes

Whose heart is as innocent as the white light
Yet is very clever in the science of light

Who is stubbornly silent when angry, happily silent when joyful
For whom all that matters is the Pleasure of the Most Merciful

So what am I to do with this Destiny-Trial
But to look at the sky and simply smile!
(saying) ‘Praise to you, O Dear Creator’

In front of such a friend I feel embarrassed
That I am not among those ones blessed

Oh! What is that volcano fuming under that silent mount?
What is that hidden force that appears so faint?

What is the secret of such trembling Fear and daring Love
Ah! Even death seems so simple for this innocent slave

Reveal to me, O ‘My Him’ of this dear Pearl
Let my sinful soul also with Your Fear curl!


Him-swollen eyes!: Tears shed in the Remembrance of God

Feb 10th 2003.