In his speech, he emphasized on the need for leadership and said that it was essential for the community to face the challenges of the modern world. Mosques, he said, were the centers of cultivating the culture and wisdom. When Malik bin Dinar and companions arrived at Malabar, their primary request to the king was a place to worship. They never asked for any worldly gains although the non-Muslim king was ready to grant anything they would ask for.

When the Orientalists began to misinterpret the Islamic sciences with a view to cause confusion among Muslims, it was the rightly guided scholars who saved Islam from such dangers.

Need for Unity

The Keralite Muslims have achieved prosperity like no other state in India or other parts of the world. This is due to their unified stand under a single political identity, although differences do exist in certain matters. When the Sharia crisis arose in 1980s, all the organizations came under a single umbrella and fought the issue tooth and nail on a single platform, i.e., Muslim League. The Kashmir Muslims are suffering with no able leadership to reach their goals.

The apolitical attitude among youth

He also expressed concern about the growing apolitical attitude among today?s youth. They are living in a fancy world mesmerized by the entertainment channels. When the country was fighting on its borders with soldiers dying everyday, the youth of the country were entertaining themselves with Cricket.

Madina’s Hero still remains No. 1

He reminded that the Millennium is full of rankings to select the most influential people, but acknowledged that the Holy Prophet continues to remain the most influential man ever lived on earth.