One late night when in solitude I sat with the pen
A wise counsel from a friend did in memory run

“Everyday you sit for long and write
The tender tale of your heart’s plight

Sometimes you are tearfully sad
Sometimes in humor you go mad

In the morning you lean on the chair
At noon you seek refuge in a corner

Towards your friends you hardly pay any heed
Although they come to you when in any need

Tell me, O Jaihoon, what makes your eyes swell,
When in my company for a while you dwell?

You are always lost in thoughts
Like a broken line of separated dots

You have a restless voice
From topic to topic you randomly toss
Yet, to interrupt your eccentric talk
You’ve never given me a chance

Why not give your heart and eyes some leisurely rest
Remember that these are from Him a blissful test

O friend. Take from me this advice
If you really think I am pious

If in the night you have no proper sleep
All through the day will your genius fall steep
Therefore pay heed to my sincere request
For all that I pray for is your own best.”

February, Feb 24th 2003.