Gardner asked the rose,
‘Whomto do you feel close?’
Said the rose bathed with dew
Nightingale is my heart’s hue

Child asked the candle
‘Who makes you kindle?’
Said the candle in a breath
‘Oh! The encircle of the moth’

Desert asked the wandering Majnun
‘Of your love name the Mim and Nun’?
Plundered of love said the madman
‘Leila is at both ends of my being’

Stars asked its neighboring Sky
Whom you admire from your high?
Said Sky, ‘I look up to the earth
Rich with love’s wealth’

Rocks asked the ocean,
‘Who deserves your passion?’
‘The fish that in my womb swim
Not once they flee even in dream

Cup asked the drunken Saqi
‘Whom do you hold so dear?’
‘In my life is only a prayer
Not a day without my Wine-peer

Jibreel asked his Merciful Lord
Whom shall I to You bring along?

Whom do you seek to meet
So close, even I burn in its heat?

Kalim fainted in Your longing
Khalil too had his yearning

Every atom craves for your love
But tell me the one You adore

Said the Lord-
In a beautiful word

My Beloved-
Name his is Muhammad

All good
I created through him
My Mercy
I bestowed through him

Lord of Worlds
Mercy to worlds

A garden if
Is this cosmos
His soul
A fragrant breeze

His full Praise
I alone capable
Everything in him
Is so lovable

His complete beauty
Not all eyes’ booty

My Beloved-
Name his is Muhammad

صل الله على محمد صل الله عليه وسلم

Inspired while in a dhikr majlis at Arafat ground during Hajj 2007