Nov 17 2012 : Koolivayal, Wayanad, Kerala : Kerala expatriates face new set of spending problems in their resident countries as much as after their return back to their home countries, said Mujeeb Jaihoon at Philosphere, the knowledge village based in Wayanad, Kerala. ‘These problems urgently require the attention of social scientists and financial experts’.

“The recent Kerala expats are finding it very hard to maintain their financial discipline and this has created many social problems for themselves and their dependents”, he said to an assembly of known leaders from politics, business and social activists including Sayyid Munawwarali Shihab Thangal, chairman of Philosphere, Alungal Muhammad, MD, Al Abeer Medical Group KSA, Km Shaji, Member of Kerala Legislative Assembly, Dr. Jabbar, agricultural specialist.

posted : Nov 20 2012