(summary of Sadiqali Shihab’s speech at the 41st UAE National Day Celebrations, Dubai on Dec 7 2012)

At this wonderful moment of the 41st National Day, may I first congratulate the rulers and peoples of United Arab Emirates. UAE has carved its own unique niche in the geo-political and economical landscape of the world, thanks to the visionary leadership of its founding architect, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. May Allah bless him and raise his status in hereafter.

We see that whenever the world witnesses any economic or technological wonders, the world looks up to this blessed Nation, especially HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, for his bold stand for experiments in progress.

We know very well that when some tried to malign Dubai in the name of recession, it was Shaikh Mohammed who challenged such notions with his far sighted vision. It’s indeed a wonder that even when some superpowers don’t wish for such success, Sheikh Mohammed goes forward with courage and confidence inspiring his people.

Third world countries such as India has given always stood by the determination and dedication of the Ruler of Dubai in the march for progress. As an Indian, we have all enjoyed the fruits of his vision. I am a Keralite. The importance that Dubai has given to the construction and maintenance of Smart City and Container Terminal in Cochin alone are shining proofs of this relationship. We pray that this bond shall continue with greater warmth and strength.

The relations between India and Arabs have begun before the time of Holy Prophet. The relationship has influenced both commercial and religious aspects. Indians respect Arabs and their culture for its magnanimity and tolerance.

The generosity of Arabs has helped to fight poverty and unite people across the world. Be it American or Indians, everyone has praised the benevolent Arab generosity.

Arabs have spread their merciful hearts to all needy and deprived across the globe. International bodies such as UN has recognized and appreciated Arabs’ effort to eliminate poverty and suffering worldwide.