DAY 02 – 12/12/2012
Tweets from Mission Olivistan
Four Nations. One Journey

Breakfast with Dr Nadwi.

Travel, too, is a form of Dhikr. It’s another way of appreciating the creative diversity of Almighty.

Modern Man, arrested with the mechanical routine, seeks to escape his boredom with Travel to discover new avenues of inspiration.

My hosts say Jordanites are more or less happy with the king but not the government.

Prophet Yahya also said to have preached in Northern parts of Jordan.

Salahuddin Ayyubi and Imam Tabari, famous Quran commentator, also related to Jordan.

Childless Prophets yearned for children not for personal ambitions, but for heirs to continue their service to God

Your age is not a barrier for Allah to bless. Don’t hesitate to ask HIM.

The Prophet deputed the Mu’ta team under Zaid. Jafar bin Abi Talib was second and Abdulla was third in command. All three were martyred here

Three thousand Muslim army faced hundreds of thousands of enemies at Jordan land but victorious for former

At the mausoleum of Jafir bin Abi Talib. The green stone used here was brought from India. The building was patronized by Sayyid Burhanuddin, the Bohra community leader.

Jafar is also known as al Tayyar or a Flying Man or modern pilot.

Khalid bin Walid who assumed command later made some strategic changes which had a profound psychological impact on enemy ranks. Muslims won.

At the mausoleum of Abdullah bin Rawaha, a Companion who composed poems for Holy Prophet. He was the third to be martyred at Mu’ta battle.

Total of twelve Companions were martyred in Mu’ta.

Outside Rawaha’s mausoleum, the Sayyid invites me for a snap next to Olive trees complementing ‘Jaihoon with Zaitoon’ 🙂

Earlier Muslims did not think about how to get there, no matter how long the route. What mattered was to get the job done. Mu’ta thoughts.

Every human being is, in essence, a tourist out here in this world.

The father of a man in our group went for Hajj on foot from Kerala at age of 35 and lived there till age of 67. He walked from India to Pakistan via Iran to Kuwait to Hijaz.

An old man, probably in 80s, in our group is narrating an ancient tale of love with such incredible details which my generation could only helplessly envy.

Those who spread divisions among Muslims receive funds & positions besides media coverage far more than others from enemies – Dr Nadwi

En route from Madaba to Amman, a poem dawned.

As we returned from Prophet Shuhaib’s mausoleum, recited the Haddad dua in chorus. The power of Dhikr is mystical.