Edappal, Feb 9 2014 : Jaihoon addressing the students of Darul Hidaya school in the inaugural session of Xaitoon Foundation, founded with the aim of accelerating change.

Around 20 years ago a small boy, accompanied by his grandfather, came to attend the inaugural ceremony of this institution. It then became the largest educational body in our locality. And now that little boy stands before you to address this gathering of the tenth grade students.

How many of you like football? Every player in a team strives to strike the ball into the goalpost. Making the goal happen is the greatest aim of the game. You can then imagine how much greater is the significance of having a goal in your real life?

You may have also attended several exams earlier in your school. Surely the tenth grade exam is also one such test to pass to the next class. However, besides its academic importance, also remember that you need to approach it with all the seriousness as if it’s your first and last exam in life. You have to marshal all your time and energy to score the best marks possible.

I thank the Lord for having given this opportunity to address your gathering and also pray that the graph of this institution’s growth remains always high.