Talking I was one day
With my Him-Loving friend
When in between the discourse
I listened to a comment

“Last night I saw a dream
For me it seemed very strange
Ask me not what it means
It fits not in my lil’ perceptual range.

I am made to lie on a hospital bed
My dear ones are seated near my head
Everyone is sad; their eyes are gone red
My ill state caused their courage to be dread

The physician had just left
After giving his verdict-
Only a few days remain
From this world for me to drift!

And then after a little while
Across the room’s end
You made your way in
To visit your sick friend

I was the one who was really sick
But the thorn caused you prick
I was the one supposed to cry with pain
But your eyes with tears are beginning to soak

And then I told you with a smile
So that a ray of hope will you hail-

Why cry? You know I belong to Him
I live, I die… He is my Merciful Him
Be bold and brave,
For my life don’t crave”…

Ah! When I heard about this dreadful dream
With pain and wonder in my heart did I silently scream

Subhanallah! I was shocked to tearfully learn
That the same vision to me He had shown

O ‘Merciful Him’ of my indifferent friend!
What message do these dreams for me send?

July 31, 2003. Based on a dream.