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While Indians are making computer chips, Arabs have not gone beyond potato chips

While the Indians have proved their capabilities in manufacturing computer chips and CDs, the Arabs are still unable to produce anything beyond potato chips and Al-Falafel.

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The anti-social aspect of Social Networking

We’re not closer, our relationships are not more real and social networking has brought forward a whole host of problems that we now have to deal with.

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Making mistakes is Man’s right, not Microsoft’s

Life is all about change. ‘Change’ in seasons, change in relationships, change within one’s owns self. No single moment is the same in the universe. The planetary bodies are changing their location every moment. The rising sun has never seen the same earth on any two days. Change in state or rather movement is the essence of every nucleus.

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Living in the Sandwich Era

And to keep in mind, that no technology is superior to the faith residing in their heart. The modern scientific developments are only the by products of the Knowledge-Revolution begun by the Unlettered Prophet in Arabia.

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IT Demystified: The truth and Myth

For example, if you already knew that a summer camp was being held this evening, and a friend comes telling you about this, it is no information. But if your friend tells you about the details of today’s program, which you were not aware, then that becomes information. Information eliminates all the uncertainties in your scope of awareness and offers a definite answer.’

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