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Mothers & Martyrs

With Mothers & Martyrs, Jaihoon drags the reader deep into the beating heart of all that is the female.

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Easier to impress adults than young minds : Jaihoon

I consider it a crime of cause for you to focus on Malayalam writings alone. You are not fashioned here only to translate English or Arabic works to Malayalam. Instead, you are equally capable of composing originally in English or Arabic or even Urdu, says Jaihoon to students of Darul Huda Islamic University

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Meem is for Mercy : Kerala Launch

Munawwarali Shihab Thangal, Chairman of SIGN Human Resource Development, launched the book ‘Meem is for Mercy’ by poet Mujeeb Jaihoon at the 5th Annual conference of SIGN

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Sheikh Hamza Yusuf receives “Meem” at Madina

The latest poetry collection by UAE-based poet Mujeeb Jaihoon was launched at the courtyard of the Grand Mosque of the Holy Prophet in Madina

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Meem is for Mercy

“You may occasionally stretch and struggle to keep up with his Slogans of Mercy, but you surely wouldn’t want to abandon his Revolution of Meem.”

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Scottish Novelist to Launch MeraWatan at Sharjah Book Fair today

Renowned Scottish novelist and short story writer will perform the Middle East launch of MeraWatan

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MeraWatan : പവിത്രം പൈതൃകം പാഥേയം

Translation of The Cool Breeze From Hind

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Mission Nizamuddin

The book, which takes less than 15 minutes to finish, is a compilation of his travel across the four Indian states of Delhi, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan during the early months of year 2010 composed within the limits of the 140 characters.

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The Alchemy of Affinity

The poems are all variations on a theme of divine love peppered with splendid romance whose course does not always run smooth.

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امي هي جنتي : اشعار وجدانية

Arabic poetry book titled, My Mother, My Paradise
فإنّه يطيب لى حقّا أن أسطر كلماتى هذه فى تقديم هذا الكتيّب الجميل الذى يحمل طيّه الترجمة العربية للأشعار الوجدانيّة التى قرضها أخي الموفّق’ جيحون،. وقد اتّفق لي التعرّض لأشعاره الإنجليزيّة من بعض كتبه المنشورة وعبرالقناة علي الإنترنت فراعتني جدّا لموضوعيتها الممتازة وأساليبها الرائعة
التي قلما وجدتها في نحوها من الأشعار، فإنّ هذه الأشعار فيما أرى تحمل طيّها روحا نفيسا وحساسية فعّالة مما تجعل كلماتها وتعابيرها ذات تأثير بالغ على المشاعر والوجدانات حتى يتحقق لها الوصف بأنّها سطرها مداد الشرايين على بياض القراطيس.ولا محالة أن ّمثل هذه الأشعار لابدّ أن تتحرّر من جميع القيود اللغوية والجغرافية مهما كانت.فأتمنّى لهذه المهمّة كلّ فوز وسعادة وقبول يستحقّه من كافة الوجوه

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