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Shah Waliyullah Dehlawi : Life & Works

The Sheikh was an erudite scholar, possessing encyclopedic knowledge

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Syed Sulaiman Nadwi on Shah Waliyullah’s Works

“Cultivation of knowledge in the true sense is but another form of recollection of God. No wonder then, it produces serenity of mind and tranquility in heart. Anyone going through thousands of pages written by Shah would hardly come across anything alluding to the tumultuous situation obtaining in the twelfth century when everything was disturbed by chaos and turmoil. He would feel immersed in a river of knowledge flowing placidly, undisturbed by the commotion around it and produced by the march of events”.

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Hadith, the Crown of Knowledge : Shah Waliyullah

The Ahadith are like luminous torches in the surrounding darkness, the milestones of guidance or like the brilliant moon shedding light in a gloomy light

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Creation Of Worship From Benevolence : Shah Waliyullah

Have you not seen how a man of perfect constitution loves his benefactor to an extent that it becomes easy for him to die, lose his property and comforts of life when there is an apprehension of the humiliation and of the death of his benefactor?

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