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The merry of meeting and pain of parting: Day 4/4 (Umra 2011)

After we’re done, it was time for the adieu. For past two days, the pupil of our eyes had been blessed with the dark hue of the Black Ka’aba. Now it was time to nurture that color in our hearts.

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Imitating a Worried Woman: Day 3 (Umra 2011)

Islam admires and reveres the sentiments of humanity. And a woman too is a part of it. Hajra ran between the two Mounts, across sands and rocks, in tear and fear, for her child crying of thirst. And since then, Allah has ordained all the believers to imitate and emulate Ismail’s Mother as an act of worship.

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Labbaykk Allahumma Labbaykk : Farewell Madina

Life is a continuous cycle of meeting and parting. One leads to another. Like spring and winter. Nay, Life and Death. So the bird has to leave the nest. And the fish out of water. Nightingale off the rose. We left by Isha prayer after bidding salaam to the Beloved.

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Love alone matters here: Day 02 (Umra 2011)

The ‘barakah’ in time of Madina is incredible: it’s long, deep and thick. As if Time is in no hurry to complete its course. As if time follows another Time here.

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Pilgrimage of Love: Day 01 (Umra 2011)

The Soul whispered: He is the ocean of light. He is my Sidra… I would burn if go any further… (Jaihoon’s travel notes from Umra pilgrimage)

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