07 November 2008

  • Paradise isn’t merely a barter in return for good deeds. One’s actions are alone not enough to lead him or her to paradise. Allah’s mercy plays the most important role.
  • 32:23 And indeed We gave Musa the Scripture. So, be not you in doubt of meeting him. And We made it a guide to the Children of Israel.

    According to Imam Qatada, this is a prophecy of Quran that Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam would meet Musa alaihi salaam on the night of isra wal Mi’raj.

  • Although the five times prayer is of minutes duration, the believer should live in a state of God-consciouness at other times
  • Few scholars among the children of Israel restrained from amassing material wealth and were therefore raised by Allah as leaders of the community
  • When non-beievers asked when would the victory arrive, Quran repled as to what would happen after it arrives. This is of the beauty of Quran in a way that its replies are framed to benefit the audience, even if it is different from what was asked.