Sura Al Bayyinah
Quran Tafsir by Dr Wasim Ahmed
March 19, 2011

Notes by Jaihoon


Al Bayyinah means the Clear Evidence. It is an adjective used in the feminine gender.

Dunia is the feminine adjective of the word meaning ‘nearest’ of the noun Life.

Verse 1

Miracles are for those hesitant to believe.

For the eyes which really Sees, the world is filled with complete miracles.

Believer should maintain a close relationship with Nature listening to its sounds and observing its beauty.

Verse 2

Here, by Rasool, the polytheists demanded an angel to descend.

‘Deen naam hai sair-e-baatin ka’

We should not get arrogant in discovering ourselves exclusive to the other creations of Allah.

Verse 4

The same Guidance which they demanded, when came earlier, split them.

Verse 5

Haneef is used as an adjective for the one who has negated all and turned towards One alone. It is used as regular adjective for Prophet Ibrahim (as)

Verse 6,7

Quran is ridiculing those who insist to believe only AFTER SEEING the miracles.

Quran is being fair by blaming only ‘a section’ of the People of the Book and not the whole of it.

Verse 8

The paradise dwellers fear Allah, unseen and unheard. Paradise is the prize for those who believe WITHOUT seeing miracles.

Iblis did not believe even by seeing. Ibrahim believed even when he did not see, but more stronger that he would have seen.

Allah could have held us accountable with our intellect alone. He did a favour by sending prophets and books.


It’s humiliating for man to seek miracles.

Seeking miracles is a sign of an immature heart.

Truth does not expect your favor to simply KNOW it. It wants nothing less than your ACCEPTANCE.

There is no discovery with out the search (haneef description of Ibrahim. )

Haneef is also the process of elimination of other possibilities and standing firm by the Truth

Inna lladeena kafaru : Those who reject / or are ungrateful. They are ungrateful for the intellect which Allah has given to seek the truth by NOT using it.

Humans are limitless in the height he can rise and the depth he can fall. (Compare the verse Laqad khalqnal insaana fee ahsani….)

Miracles are meant to STRENGTHEN faith, not create it.